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I'm getting pretty effing tired of how boring this place is.
You guys.

We totally suck at Holidays. I mean, yesterday was Valentine's!


God this is so awkward.

Nikolai? I have a question for you.

everybody look what's going down

Something has gone terrifically wrong.

Victoire bolts through the hallways at the Ministry of Magic as fast as she can, squirming in and out of groups of people, pushing her way past high-ranking officials, and nearly breaking her neck as she flies down a flight of stairs.

She turns a sharp corner and flies into an office building, where her Uncle Ron is working at a desk.

Uncle Ron, you listen to me very well right this minute.

Something has happened to Aunt Hermione.

James is wandering around after hours and has...nothing to do except think. Which is always dangerous. 
He takes out a Snitch and plays with it idly. He needs something to do. Run into him?

Lilith is out on the Quidditch pitch, staring up at the sky rather warily. She's got a broom in her hand, having dragged it from the broom shed a full thirty minutes ago.

She's yet to board it.

Jan. 22nd, 2008


*holds up a slip of paper, smirking*

Feel like going on a little vacation?
Draco is, once again, walking down the halls of Hogwarts. No, no, this time he's not here to try and patch things up with his kids, or escape any wrath from his wife.

This time, it's purely business.

Stopping in front of the stone gargoyle, Draco takes a moment to smile to himself that, last time he'd been there, the gargoyle was so much taller.

Blood pops.

He smiles a bit at the irony, before slipping through up the stairs.

Slytherins= Party Animals

Albi's letting people in the common room. He's put out as much Butterbeer and Firewhiskey the house elves would provide and enough food to feed an army. 

Enjoy the Party.

Albus posts a list on the Slyhterin Notice Board and gives a knut to a firstie of Ravenclaw, Gryffindor, and Hufflepuff & same list to post on their notice boards. The paper has a charm that makes it illegible to anyone over the age of 19.

1. Party in the Slytherin dorms tonight just for the hell of it
2. Bring the essentials...
-girls I mean, what?
3. Anyone who wants to place a bet on the upcoming Gryffindor V. Ravenclaw match, put your name, amount betting, and your prediction on a piece of paper and leave it in Larz the Loud statue's mouth. (It's located in the 6th floor corridor)
4. Lastly, anyone going to the Broken Wand concert on Monday bring your ticket to the party tonight to find out where we're meeting if you want to leave with the group.