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Lynx is sitting in the library. Her table is covered with books and she's furiously writing some essay or another. She finishes and sets down her quill. She puts the book on a stack next to her and goes to search for the next one she needs.

stars cast a strange glow upon this place.

Rory Finnigan is sitting on the grass, her wand in one hand and a peculiar looking guitar resting in her lap. It is dirty and old and half the strings are broken and sticking out in all directions. It looks, to put it simply, like junk, and that is exactly what it is. Having found it sadly cast aside in a dumpster back home during the summer, Rory took it in as her own, despite it's rather pitiful state, or her having no known talent for this particular instrument.

Unable to repair it with magic at home, she hastily brought it with her to school, and has just recently found the opportunity to attempt to fix it today. Textbooks are splayed out in front of her, and her eyes flicker from the books and to the guitar and back again. Words blur together, and she has absolutely no idea what she's doing.

Her complete lack of magical skill makes her wonder if she's really a witch at all.
Pansy hasn't really worked since 6 months ago, the last time the Prime Minister summoned her. Oddly enough, the Ministry doesn't like paying a witch's salary for nothing. She's being sent to assist, against her will, in the Auror department. 

She wanders down to the Unspeakable floor (she always ends up there) to talk to Draco and to kill time.

Finally, when she feels like she
absolutely has to, she makes her way up to the Auror Department and sits down on the desk of What's His Face Weasley and waits.

[ooc: so this post is for Draco down in his office and Harry/Ron/whoever from the Auror Dept over there.]
I have been 16 years old for ten days. How is it that I've only just now realized I've had a birthday?

Jan. 13th, 2008

Lynx walks into the Slytherin Common Room. She is blushing slightly and has that "omgee best day evar~" look on her face.
*Hermione was gathering her thoughts before attempting to give her report to those at the Department of Magical Law Enforcement. Her findings were slightly scattered and disturbing and she thought back on what she had read with apprehension*
Ministry Myths (Fact or Fiction?), 2007Collapse )
Unsolved Magical Mysteries, 2001Collapse )
Terrorism in Britain, 2013Collapse )

I have a really bad feeling about all of this. Everything's about to change again...
Why was it, Draco Malfoy had to wonder, that he found himself walking along the ancient hallways of Hogwarts more and more often.. even after he'd graduated?

Clearly, there was something wrong here.
*Hermione is taking advantage of the ministry's huge library to find out what she can about animagi and metamorphmagi. She's sick of not being involved and was furious about not being involved when the fiasco with Teddy happened*

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Jan. 9th, 2008

Darrius finds himself wandering the hallways of the lower part of Hogwarts, skirting the edges of what he knows is Slytherin territory. It's not incredibly late and so he is a little confused by the fact that there aren't many people around. His stomach grumbles ominously, and it's with a distracted air that he turns in the direction of the more populated areas of Hogwarts, mind set on something to eat and perhaps a bit of company. It's with a heavy heart and a complaining stomach that he realizes he has no chocolate waiting for him in his dorm. Things are looking bleak.
Albus is walking, more to spite Nikolai than of his own accord. He's fine, or at least that's what he keeps telling the people who are looking at him. He lifts his hood as if to ward off some of the stares. His hand comes away from his hood warm and sticky, he wipes it on his jeans without looking at it. He doesn't care much to see how much he's bleeding, he just wants to get back to his dorm and sleep.