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genetic_magic's Journal

a new generation RP
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2022. The Second War is long over.
But some still seek purity in the Wizarding World.

Genocide has failed. But there are other ways.

The chromosome controlling magical abilities has been discovered.
Now scientists are working to removing it from Muggleborns, and saving the Squibs.

Muggleborns are disappearing.

Squibs are capable of dangerous magic.

The Ministry will do nothing to stop it.

What will be done?
needed characters
Here are characters for which we are currently DESPERATE! If one of these catches your interest, we would LOVE to have you! (last updated 1/19)
canon characters
- George Weasley
- Neville Longbottom
- Ministry Workers

plottish characters keep in mind that these characters will be serving a role in the plot as determined by the mods. we reccomend you apply for a regular character before trying one of these, but that's not a set-in-stone rule. if you are interested in one of these, please get in contact with a mod for more information
- squibs
- non-wizard, sentient magical creatures
- muggle-born wizards
- villians of several walks of life

And if you've looked over these lists and still find nothing you like, we'd still love to have you! Original characters are nearly always being accepted!
about the mods
This game was brought to you by Bex and Amanda. The mods met at the lovely MWPP-era RP stuckinthe70s where Amanda played Lionel Lovegood and Bex played Marlene McKinnon. The characters were passionately in love. Unfortunately, because of various plot twists, and Amanda getting bored of the game so quickly (shame on her) Lionel and Marlene never really had a chance. Shortly after Amanda left stuckinthe70s, she and Bex decided to play around with a new gen scenario, eventually becoming the one you see today (in which Amanda's character pines helplessly over Bex's again. pattern much?)

And now some contact information!

primary character: Scorpius Malfoy, namesaked
RL journal: quietdrive (friends-only, but if I know you, I'll add you)
email: explosion9@gmail.com
AIM: Afterwards3
Amanda's a peculiar college student with too much spare time for her own good, your chances of catching her online are pretty high.

primary character: Rose Weasley, readmane
RL journal: sidecar

Neither mod minds answering questions, so hit them up if you've got some!
Feel like promoting us? Goodness we would LOVE you to! You are free to do this nearly any way you wish (keep it tasteful, folks) but if you're stumped for a way, visiting this post will give you a great way to go about this.
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